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Mikrotik Hotspot Shared User

Hello every one, Today article covered how to setup shared users in Mikrotik Hotspot Users Profile and assign Bandwidth among this group.

First of all you need to setup Mikrotik Hotspot and configured as you desire.

My Working Scenario is More Secure and reliable for theft bandwidth in Hotspot interface.

Router Wan Interface IP Address is

Router Lan Interface IP Address is (Hotspot) Regular Users

Important Note: I am adding another IP Address for group users is on Lan Interface and masquerade in IP FIREWALL NAT.

Now Create user profile for shared users i am giving 5 IP address to use same user name. Flexibility for users to use more devices such as Mobiles Phone / Laptop’s / Personal Computer’s Etc….

Mikrotik ROS V 5.x & 6.x

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7

Now create a script called que-to-0


/que simple move [find name="Group-A"] [:pick [find] 0]
/que simple move [find name="Group-B"] [:pick [find] 1]


ROS CLI Script for teminal window

/system script

add name=que-to-0 policy=\
    ftp,reboot,read,write,policy,test,winbox,password,sniff,sensitive,api \
    source="/que simple move [find name=\"Group-A\"] [:pick [find] 0]\r\
    \n/que simple move [find name=\"Group-B\"] [:pick [find] 1]"

How to run this script ?

There was 2 way to run this script

Scenario 1

I am adding script run command in Hotspot User Profile Script Section.


Scenario 2

Another way is create a Schedule to run this script ..


Few things to understand in IP/29 giving in Simple Queues

You can do more with this work scenario.

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Abubaker Siddiq Lasania
Virtual IT Support

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Vlan Switch setup in Mikrotik Router Board.

Recently i have configure Mikrotik Router Board 450g & 750Gl as Vlan Switch.
Before Vlan

Router Board 450g

Router Board 450g

Ether2 is master port for trunking and Ether Port 3,4,5 is a switch port manageable work independently.

Before setup you need to reset router and remove all default configuration.

Now Connect pc Lan wire on Ether1 (Port 1)

Open Winbox and paste script on terminal line by line .

Setting Interface as Master.

/interface ethernet
set [ find default-name=ether3 ] master-port=ether2
set [ find default-name=ether4 ] master-port=ether2
set [ find default-name=ether5 ] master-port=ether2

Now setting switch port. (Switch Port Chip Available in several model of Router Board )

you can change vlan id and you required setup vlan id in even numbers

/interface ethernet switch port
set 1 vlan-header=add-if-missing vlan-mode=secure
set 2 default-vlan-id=100 vlan-header=always-strip vlan-mode=secure
set 3 default-vlan-id=200 vlan-header=always-strip vlan-mode=secure
set 4 default-vlan-id=300 vlan-header=always-strip vlan-mode=secure

Now Setting Vlan Switching

/interface ethernet switch vlan
add ports=ether3,ether2 switch=switch1 vlan-id=100
add ports=ether4,ether2 switch=switch1 vlan-id=200
add ports=ether5,ether2 switch=switch1 vlan-id=300

After all setting you need to reboot router board .



Best Regard’s
Abubaker Siddiq Lasania
Virtual IT Support

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