“Hash sum mismatch” error Ubuntu

When I check for updates, I get a “Failed To Download Repository Information” error.

Just remove all the content of /var/lib/apt/lists directory:

sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*

then run:

sudo apt-get update

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Useful Commands in Ubuntu

A comprehensive list of commands needed when using Ubuntu:

Command privileges.

sudo command – run command as root
sudo su – root shell open
sudo su user – open shell as a user
sudo -k – forget your password sudo
gksudo command – sudo visual dialog (GNOME)
kdesudo command – sudo visual dialog (KDE)
sudo visudo – edit / etc / sudoers
gksudo nautilus – root file manager (GNOME)
kdesudo konqueror – root file manager (KDE)
passwd – change your password

Command Network

ifconfig – displays information network
iwconfig – displays information from wireless
sudo iwlist scan – scan wireless networks
sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart – reset the network
(file) /etc/network/interfaces – manual configuration
ifup interface – bring online interface
ifdown interface – disable interface

Commands Display

sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart – reset X (Gnome)
sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart – reset X (KDE)
(file) /etc/X11/xorg.conf – show Configuration
sudo dpkg-reconfigure – reconfigure xserver-xorg-phigh – reset configuration X
Ctrl+Alt+Bksp – X display reset if frozen
Ctrl+Alt+FN – switch to tty N
Ctrl+Alt+F7 – switch back to X display

Commands Service System.

start service – service to start work (Upstart)
stop service – service to stop working (Upstart)
status service – check if service is running (Upstart)
/etc/init.d/service start – start service (SysV)
/etc/init.d/service stop – stop service (SysV)
/etc/init.d/service status – check service (SysV)
/etc/init.d/service restart – reset service (SysV)
runlevel – get current runlevel

Commands for Firewall.

ufw enable – turn on the firewall
ufw disable – turn off the firewall
ufw default allow – allow all connections by default
ufw default deny – drop all connections by default
ufw status – current rules and
ufw allow port – to allow traffic on port
ufw deny port – port block
ufw deny from ip – ip block

Command System.

lsb_release -a – get the version of Ubuntu
uname -r – get kernel version
uname -a – get all the information kernel

Commands for Package Manager.

apt-get update – refresh updates available
apt-get upgrade – update all packages
apt-get dist-upgrade – version update
apt-get install pkg – installing pkg
apt-get remove pkg – uninstall pkg
apt-get autoremove – removing packages obsotletos
apt-get -f install – try to fix packages
dpkg –configure -a – try to fix a broken package
dpkg -i pkg.deb – install file pkg.deb
(file) /etc/apt/sources.list – list of repositories APT

Special Packages For commands.

ubuntu-desktop – Setting the standard Ubuntu
kubuntu-desktop – KDE Desktop
xubuntu-desktop – desktop XFCE
ubuntu-minimal – core earnings Ubuntu
ubuntu-standard – the standard utilities Ubuntu
ubuntu-restricted-extras – not free, but useful
kubuntu-restricted-extras – ditto KDE
xubuntu-restricted-extras – ditto XFCE
build-essential – packages used to compile
linux-image-generic – latest generic kernel image
linux-headers-generic – latest headlines

Applications commands.

nautilus – File Manager (GNOME)
dolphin – File Manager (KDE)
konqueror – Web browser (KDE)
kate – text editor (KDE)
gedit– text editor (GNOME)

Latest TeamViewer 9 Quick-Start on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty

Method # 1

The Visual-Guide Show Step-by-Step How-to Install and Getting-Started with Free TeamViewer 9 on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr LTS amd64 Linux.

TeamViewer is a Software for Remote Control, Desktop Sharing, Online Meetings, Web Conferencing and File Transfer between computers.

It is also possible to Access a Machine running TeamViewer with a Web Browser.

1. Download Latest TeamViewer for Ubuntu Linux:
Get TeamViewer 9 .deb 32bit
2. Installing TeamViewer
(a) By Ubuntu Software Center
Simply Double-Click and Follow…
Then Confirm for Automatic Packages Configuration!

(b) On Shell

cd [/path/2/teamviewer]
sudo su -c "apt-get install gdebi && gdebi ./teamviewer*.deb"

Getting-Started with TeamViewer for Linux:
TeamViewer 9 Quick-Start on Linux

Method # 2

Don’t use out-of-date repos (Raring in Trusty).

To install:

1. Download the official image from http://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/linux.aspx (always get 32bit)
2. Open a console
3. Run command cd ~/Downloads/
4. Run command sudo dpkg -i teamviewer_linux.deb
5. Follow whatever steps it needs you to take.

You do not need (or want) the 64bit package, as Ubuntu has a “multiarch” feature, allowing a 64bit OS to natively run 32bit programs.